AcuRite 01036 Pro Color


Do you wake up every morning and wonder how the weather is going to turn out to be in the course of the day? Then here is an article that will help you out. The AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is the best companion for any outdoor person and basically will help you plan your day depending on how the weather will turn out to be. This weather station in particular from AcuRite along with a mobile application software makes use of a self-calibrating technology to provide you with the most accurate and reliable weather forecast for the particular time that you need it. The station is engineered with great skill and comes with an integrated sensor array and a color console where you can virtually view the information that it gets to process.


Unlike many weather stations that are designed these days, this one in particular is specially made for own, or rather, for home use. Its sensory array is usually installed at your backyard and the console can either be installed as a table top or mounted on the wall for easy display.

The weather station itself is a wireless suit and non-patented. However, if you need to display the information on the console to your PC, you would need a USB cable to enable this feature. Having said that, considering the fact that this weather station is specially designed for home use, the transmission distance is not all that big and you will need to place the sensor array within a radius of up to 100 meters from the display point. Otherwise any other place further than that would render the whole unit useless.

Owing to its power consumption, the weather device is designed to run on 4AA lithium or alkaline batteries, with the lithium ones being highly recommended for places that are extremely cold. A power adapter is recommended for the LCD console although 6AA batteries can still run it for close to 6 years. Small solar panels are installed in the sensory unit to power the fans that help the thermometers to maintain normal temperatures and ensure accuracy.

Unlike many home weather stations, this one comes with a five in one sensory unit that incorporates a couple of weather instruments to ensure reliability and accuracy. The self-calibrating predicting tweaks the data from the detectors and gives an accurate forecast of 12 to 24 hours which helps you know what kind of weather to expect at which particular time and enable you plan your day effectively. You can be able to view your data either in English or French depending on which one you find ideal for you. It helps you predict the weather trends for a certain particular duration of time and comes with a customizable alarms for different weather conditions to help you adjust your schedules and travel plans as well.

It has an update frequency of 30 seconds and thus you are able to read up to date information every time you take a glimpse on the console or on your phone using the application. This weather station is very accurate with very minimal error range of +/- 0.5 give or take. The ranges for specific weather variables are also quite big to allow room for extreme cases when they get to occur once in a while.


The device is very affordable if you ask the people who have bought it and comes with a one year warranty in case of any technical damages. If you are not satisfied with it, you can totally return it prior to 7 days of purchase. The installation is quite easy, you can actually do it yourself. The construction is quite durable and thus will give you good service.


It has a couple of limitations as well, with the device being wireless, certain signals can be lost in the process and thus cause errors in the data that is transmitted. The fans that keep the thermometers at normal temperature could wear out as well and in the long run cause inefficiency.


So if you are looking for an accurate weather forecasting home station, then the AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is the one to purchase by all means. You don’t get any better than this.