Ambient Weather WS – 1001


For those people who are weather enthusiasts, the Ambient Weather WS – 1001 is perhaps by far one of the most amazing weather stations that you would totally want to have at your disposal for all your weather measuring solutions. It comes with quite a colorful LCD console that is well designed and all-in-one sensor array that is quite sophisticated. Unlike many weather stations, this device transmits data from both outdoors and indoors and thus you can rest assured of accurate data transmission even when you are in the house or even outside. One of the major developments that it comes with is that the observer usually sends and receives weather reports through a Wi-Fi connectivity without the necessity of any internet connection making it quite efficient. 


The device is a true testament of great technological revolution in a bid to make it quite reliable when it comes to weather measurement of different variables and above all the accuracy of data transmitted.

The sensory unit is basically the part that forms the foundation of the entire weather measuring instrument. It is usually a wireless with all-in-one integrated sensor array that measures outdoor weather variables, which includes temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, UV radiation and rainfall, with outdoor temperature sensor ranging from -40° F to 149°F and outdoor humidity ranges from 10% to 99%. The indoor sensory unit on the other hand, comprises of a couple of weather instruments such as the thermometer, hygrometer and barometer, which measure the indoor temperature, humidity and the atmospheric pressure, creating an all-round measurement of variables. The temperature and humidity detectors are encased by a radiation shield, which ensures that there is accuracy of the data recorded. The unit consumes up to 7.5 watts of power but still comes with a solar panel with 3AA rechargeable batteries that are alkaline for outdoor sensory.

The console on the other hand is quite amazing. It gets to present the data of this weather station in a 6.25 inches by 3.5 screen that is fully colored TFT LCD display. The screen is thin and can be mounted on a wall that also has an AC adaptor. The brightness of the screen is automatic and changes depending on the time of the day and gets to display both imperial and metric units of measurement. It uses Wi-Fi to send and receive data, nullifying the need for internet connectivity. The different weather variables that are being measured are updated after every 14 seconds and the speed of wind is usually updated with intervals of every 16 seconds of real time duration. Other weather variables such as dew point and rainfall can also be seen on the console. The console also incorporates alarms for various weather disasters that can be measured by the station such as storms.


The weather station actually comes with a couple of advantages that will make you want to purchase it. This weather measuring instrument can be harmonized with the Wunderground website, which is the world’s most popular personal weather station hosting service, making it a unique wireless weather station compared to quite many stations that are in the market. The mounting is quite easy and you can do it without the help of a professional and most importantly, the station is really pocket friendly and affordable by most people.


It comes with a couple of draw backs as well. The Wi-Fi connection can sometimes by ruined by bad weather and thus the device is incapacitated to send and receive data transmitted by the sensor array. The wireless connection is also barred by metallic surfaces and the device is not ideal for salt water environments due to rusting and corrosion. The device is not freeze proof and thus during times when the temperatures are really low, its functions could not work properly.


So for those people who are fans of social weather publishing, then the Ambient Weather WS – 1001 is by far one of the most ideal weather stations that will come in handy for that. Its accuracy and reliability is top class and thus you can be able to predict weather trends within your locality and get to warn people of coming disasters averting any potential damage.