Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue


The Davis Instrument 6250 Vantage Vue is by far one of the most amazing weather instruments that one could ever boast of having. Designed to be very reliable and accurate in its purpose, it has proved to be quite convenient and effective for the few people who have actually given it a shot in a bid to measure intricate weather variables that are prevailing in the atmosphere. Thanks to great ingenuity, the device comes with a unique LCD console, a very tough outdoor sensor array and a hardware mounting kit that is geared towards ensuring that there is simple installation such that you do not need the help of a professional. 


Although it comes with a wide array of features, it is the sensory unit and the LCD console that form the basis of this weather instrument as they provide sophisticated reports on the weather variables that you are intending to measure.

The Integrated Sensory Suit is a wireless unit that works as a detector of the various weather conditions that are prevalent. It then encodes the data and transmits it to the LCD console for integration. The sensory array is made with a technology of frequency-hopping spread spectrum that relays maximum transmission of up to 1000 ft. The station is ran by solar during the day which actually means that it is quite economic. The sensory unit has a radiation shield that ensures prevention of unnecessary heat waves and helps in relaying more accurate report when it comes to the temperature. The device records readings ranging from -40° to 65°C as well as relative humidity with values ranging from 0 to 100%. The rain gauge of this weather measurement unit incorporates a tipping bucket technology with a self-emptying ability and an accuracy of 0.2 mm.

The console on the other hand is meticulously designed to warrant easy use. It comes with an amazing easy-to-read screen which is 3 inches by 4.375 inches. To make it even more interesting, it has a glow-in-dark feature which will ensure that you still get to use it even during the night. An easy to use keypad is also put into place.

The LCD console is not just any other console you see every day. It enables icons that present the anticipated meteorological conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy. With the date and time of the current day been shown on the screen together with the time of sunrise and sunset, it would be easy for you to track the changing conditions and help you predict a trend. The console also updates different weather conditions routinely with intervals of 2 minutes to 10 minutes to see to it that you are able to read only the most up to date information for recording. Furthermore, the device comes with 22 different kinds of alarms that are quite significant when it comes to creating warning signals for a couple of weather catastrophes such as storms, heavy rain, floods, extreme freezing temperatures to mention just but a few.


Having said that, the weather measuring unit comes along with a couple of perks. Its ability to record high accurate data is quite ideal for any weather monitor. It is radio compatible and resistant to corrosion thanks to a weather proof cover that it comes with. It saves you on electricity bills considering the fact that it is solar powered and would totally remain functioning even when there is power outage at your location.


It has its own share of disadvantages as well. It could be quite expensive for most people who would desire it and the fact that it is solar powered, it means that when the weather is not sunny and the storage is completely used up, it would not work, thus not recommended for people who live in places with minimal sunshine.


So with that said, it would be fair enough to say that the Davis Instrument 6250 Vantage Vue is perhaps one of the most ideal weather measuring units that one could ever have at his or her home. It would certainly come in handy considering its accuracy and in as much as it is quite expensive, you can rest assured that you will relish in the full value of your money.