Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)


If you are looking for a weather station that is going to give you great service, then the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Cabled weather station is exactly the unit that you should be looking to get. For those who have had a close hand experience with this weather station, you will agree with me that it isto a large extent one of the most accurate weather stations you can ever get in the world of weather instruments. Coming witha series of bird spikes and grip grooves, this weather measurement instrument has a wide array ofinstruments that includea rain gauge and temperature detectors together with the hygrometer and they are arranged well in perfect synchrony making the entire weather station so easy to install compared to other stations. The detectors are perfectly enclosed in radiation plates that help record accurate variables of temperature and ensuring that there is accuracy. It comes along with an LCD console, an integrated sensor suit, an AC adapter and a mounting unit.


When it comes to the features, there are a couple of highlights worth noting that actually make this one of the best weather stations that you can get at your disposal.

Integrated sensor suit; this sensory unit is normallylinked by a cable and has anall-out broadcast ranging 1000 ft. This unit comprises of weather instruments such as the thermometer, the hygrometer, the rain gauge and an anemometer which are accompanied by a cable that is about 12 meters long. With the detectors being enclosed by radiation shields, this sees to it that they are able to record only the actual readings and thus ensuring there is negligible room for error and enhancing accuracy in the long run. It is also worth noting that this unit is powered by solar.

Console; the readings that have been recorded by the sensory unit are usually displayed by a screen that is quite big enough and an easy to use keypad. The console is well designed with weather icons specific to each and every prevailing weather condition which thus ensures that there is easy reading in the long run.The weather readings are actually updated on the console quite regularly to ensure that you get to read only the most up to date readings.

The data that has been recorded over the past few months and weeks is usually kept in an archive and can be retrieved to help you make comparisons of the conditions and help you come up with a trend. This unit, other than the solar panel, can also can be charged by an AC adapter just in case the sunshine levels are very low to power it up.


The fact that you can be able to retrieve data that was recorded many months ago makes it one of the most amazing weather stations you will find out there and thus you are able to come up with climatic weather trends and predictions of what to expect in the future. Owing to the fact that this weather station is cabled, it actually means that there are no signals that are lost in the process of transmitting the data from the detectors to the console and thus ensuring the data displayed is precise there being no room for error.


The weather stations also has its own share of cons. Unlike the wireless designs, this cabled weather stations actually makes the mounting and installation very difficult to put up considering the fact that you need to connect the cables correctly. You will also require a great deal of internet connection to connect the device to websites of your choice which would really cost you a lot of money for that matter. Moreover, it is quite expensive and way beyond the budget of any common person.


Considering the fact that it has all the high quality features and marvelous resistance to dangerous weather conditions, the Davies Instruments Vantage Pro 2 cabled weather station is one of the most preferred, very reliable and precise weather stations that you can get on offer. Regardless of the high cost it comes with, you would not rue the decision to buy it and thus you will relish in the full value of your money.