Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)


When it comes to getting a weather station, you just don’t go for any, you actually go for the best that you can get in the market. The Vantage Pro2 Wireless weather station, in that case has proved to be one of the most reliable and accurate weather stations that you can actually get out there and as a matter of fact, not many weather stations like this one are available out there. Owing to its multipurpose sensory conformations and the fact that it is easy to install, this has made it one of the most preferred weather stations for most people across the world. With an assortment of many weather instruments that are well arranged in perfect harmony and packaged into a complete unit, this station is bound to give you a great deal of service if you are a weather enthusiast.


It has a wide array of features. The weather device comes with a console, mounting hard ware and a sensor array that comprises of many sensor devices together in one compilation.

The whole sensory device is usually powered by solar panels making good use of green energy that is cheap and efficient. The temperature and humidity detectors are usually encased to ensure that they only get to measure accurate data and not readings that have been manipulated by the conditions. Owing to the fact that it is wireless, the transmission range could be up to 1000 ft. However,because of a lot of obstructions that may occur along the way, the range may be considerably reduced to up to 400 ft.

When it comes to the console, the LCD screen is quite big enough to allow for easy viewership and it comes with a keypad that is easy to use by a layman. It also comes with a cabled or wireless option depending on the one that will suit you and prove to work out quite effectively for you. This console will get to display the date, time, sunset and sunrise time along with moon phases of the particular days that you would like to know. It comes with a wide range of icons that represent different forecast conditions so that people can easily view the readings easily without having to struggle to distinguish which weather condition is actually prevailing at that particular moment. The updating time is quite regular and thus you are able to view the most up t date weather recordings.


The weather device usually comes along with a couple of advantages. Not many people are aware of this but the weather station happens to be the first wireless weather station of its kind to make good use of the frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology in transmitting data wirelessly, something that is not often seen and not many weather stations get to have as a feature. This weather measurement instrument is very easy to mount and install at whichever place you would like to place it considering the fact that it is wireless and thus not many logistics are usually involved. In that case, you would not even need a professional to help you with the installation and you can be sure of getting reliable and precise readings.


It has its own share of draw backs as well. Bearing in mind that the unit is solar powered, the weather station is not commended for areas where the weather is too much cloudy or rainy or even a place where it is always snowy. It is recommended for places that are usually receive a fair share of sunshine every day. The signals sent could be interrupted by many obstacles along the way and even extreme weather conditions could hamper the proper functioning of this weather measurement unit. Furthermore, the weather station is very expensive and thus not many people would be able to meet the financial obligations that it would require.


The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station is by far one of the most high quality and consistent weather stations you could ever get at your disposal at the market. So if you are a farmer or simply a weather enthusiast, then you should not hesitate to get this station for yourself considering its high quality features that will prove to be very helpful for you.