Ambient Weather WS – 1200


The Ambient Weather WS-1200 weather station happens to be one of the best weather stations that you can ever get in the market. It is a solar powered device which is designed to be a wireless transmitter and is to a large extent very reliable and accurate when it comes to recording the data that you need for weather. It has a dual process technology and has been made to ensure that the user has an easy time installing it. It has to sensory units, one for indoor purposes and the other for outdoor purposes which both transmit data detected at a frequency of 915 MHz which is
then displayed on the display screen of the console it comes with. The external unit will depend on solar energy while the indoor one will require external power supply.


The weather station is designed to come with a console, an all in one outdoor sensory unit and indoor sensory array, making it one complete and useful utility.

Sensor array

The sensory array usually has a maximum transmission distance of about 330ft. However, due to a lot of obstructions that come along the way, the distance is usually reduced considerably to just 100 ft. It is a wireless unit and gets to measure variables such as the temperature, relative humidity, rain, wind speed and direction together with UV and radiation of solar. It also gets to measure the atmospheric pressure. It gets to offer a wide range of values for the variables being measured which allows room for extreme cases. The indoor set up is powered by 5V DC input power which can be recharged with a 120V charger that comes along with the device. It has a power consumption rate of 7.5 watts.


The console of this station comes as a colored LCD screen measuring 6” by 3.5”. Together with the values that it gets to show, it also displays values such as the heat index, dew point and rainfall rate. The date and time of the specific day, together with the time of sunrise and sunset is also displayed on the console. Both the metric and the imperial units of measurements are used alongside other parameter measurements. Alarms can also be set for certain climatic conditions. The update frequency for most weather updates is usually 16 seconds. It also provides graphical presentations of relative humidity, temperature and pressure and this data can be stored in an external SD card for future retrieval. The console is easy to mount on the wall, very thin, with clear cut features and adequate brightness depending on the specific time of the day.


The weather station is wireless and thus it does not require radio frequencies or Wi-Fi Connectivity to transmit data to the display console. It has its own devised technology of transmitting data wirelessly without losing any signal even when the weather conditions are very extreme. It is very easy to mount and install due to the easy bubble level of installation.


The weather station comes with a couple of limitations. It does not have the PC connect feature where you are able to view the data recorded on your computer. This is usually an important feature which allows you even to blog your weather data online.

This device cannot be able to harmonize its data with any external website link from the console and so it proves to be useless when it comes to even determining the weather trends. The transmission signals do not usually pass through certain materials such as metal, ground and even earth so the installation procedure has to take into consideration this fact.

The station is not as durable as other stations if used in salty environments. Its accuracy is also hampered. It is not resistant to the freeze conditions as this affects its sensory ability.


The Ambient Weather WS-1200 wireless weather station is by far quite easy to set up, with robust dependability and precision. It is very ideal for people who need to stay updated with the current weather conditions to help them plan their days accordingly as well as their travel.