Kestrel 4500 Portable Weather Station

The Kestrel 4500 Portable Weather Station is one of the amazing weather instruments one could ever boast of having. Judging from the name, you can tell that this device can be carried from one place to another. In fact, it is a pocket weather station that is designed in a manner that it is light and handy for easy portability. This station comes in two designs. There is the standard one and one the other hand, there is the other one that comes with a Bluetooth feature that provides an opportunity for wireless communication and transmission as well as automatic logging of data.


The fact that this weather station is portable, its purpose is actually quite diverse and there is no doubt that it comes in handy in a wide array of areas. Moreover, it does not only provide you with the current weather updates but it also gives you an opportunity to make communications but up to a certain range. For the people who love camping, trekking and hunting in the woods, this station is absolutely a must have for you. It also comes in handy for the people who work in the meteorology department, firefighting, scientific expeditions, military wings and even in fieldworks.

Connection and Transmission Distance

This weather station is designed to work as a wireless unit. It comes as a single piece device, comprising of all the basic detectors together with an easy to read display that is backlit. Ni cable is needed for this device. However, it comes with a PC connect which requires a USB cable to enable this feature. Considering the fact that the sensors and the display unit are designed to be a single unit, there is no need for transmission. The Bluetooth rang for the other model however is approximately 30ft.

Power Source

This weather unit is usually powered by 2 AAA batteries considering the fact that it does not consume too much power. It is important however to not that it is only the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries that are recommended for use. This is because these batteries are known for their idealness to boost the weather meter’s capability, consistency, and cold weather performance. They are also light in weight reducing bulkiness. The alkaline batteries have to be checked once in a while for corrosion and leakage which could damage your device.

Data Offered

Being a hand held device, it consists of only basic weather instruments including the thermometer for temperature, hygrometer for humidity, wind sensor for wind speed and direction. The variables are then displayed after recording. It comes with an accuracy of 3% give or take, to ensure that you are able to get access to reliable information. The update frequency is also quite fast. In every second that passes, all measurements are usually updated apart from the relative humidity.

Cost and Warranty

Bearing in mind the top class features that this weather station comes with, it makes this device quite expensive. Not many people are able to purchase it and could be way beyond their own budget. But the cost should not really matter that much. Think of the great service that this weather unit is going to give you once you purchase it. You should really get to enjoy the value of your money. It comes with a warranty of up to 5 years and thus people do not have to worry of it failing to work in the right way for quite a long time. The company however reserves the right to be liable for damages.


It is significantly small in size, so the owner can carry it wherever they go because it can fit in your pocket. It really doesn’t require any additional detectors or setup. The graphical user interface is also quite easy to use even for any layman out there.


Unlike many weather stations, this weather unit in particular does not give the weather forecast. Moreover, the use of alkaline batteries could cause corrosion and leakage which would hamper the device’s proper functioning. The damages are usually beyond repair and are not covered by the warranty. It is also quite expensive for people who would want to buy it.


The Kestrel 4500 Portable weather meter is by far one of the most amazing weather units you will find at your disposal. Get yours today!