La Crosse Technology S88907

The La Crosse Technology S88907 is one of the most affordable weather stations that you can be able to have unlike many others which are literally expensive. It is not only affordable but also very reliable when it comes to providing weather information that is basic. You are also able to view forecast on an animated color display.


This weather station is usually recommended for home purposes only, or rather for small scale use only. If you are the kind of person who is looking for a small budget weather station, which will at the same time give you the service that you are looking, then this weather station could be a very nice deal for you. However, for those people who are working in high end professions like meteorology, then this instrument is not recommended for them at all.

Connection and Transmission Distance

This weather station is designed to be a wireless design and in this case, it does not require any cable connection now that the transmission is entirely wireless. The remote sensory unit is integrated into one unit together with the display unit which is usually colored. Once the sensors detect the prevailing weather conditions, it transmits the readings to the display unit where you can be able to view them virtually.

The transmission distance of this unit is usually approximately 300ft. This will however depend on a couple of factors including the construction material of the home you live in. It must be installed at the backyard of your home and the point of display should not be too far away to ensure that there is very minimal room for error due to signal loss.

Power Source

The weather station is designed to run on 2 AA alkaline batteries with an estimated battery life of 1 year if you get to use high quality batteries. The display however is powered by 5.0V AC adapter and in the event that backup is needed, then it will require about 3 AAA alkaline batteries when there is no power. When there are extreme cold temperatures of close to -29°C, lithium batteries are usually recommended in this particular condition due to their robust durability.

Data Offered

This weather station usually is designed with an integrated sensory array which comprises of the thermometer and the hygrometer to measure the prevailing temperature and the relative humidity of the atmosphere. It displays readings for indoor conditions. The display unit shows a calendar together with 12 and 24-hour time clock which comes with a customizable alarm. It also alerts you when the batteries are on low level as well as providing information for the heat index and dew point.

It comes with an update frequency of 30 seconds for both the temperature and the humidity levels which is very fast and every time you take a glance at the display screen, you are sure that you are going to read the most up to date reading. It has an accuracy of up to 75% which is quite reliable and the range of data is also wide to allow room for extreme conditions.


Cost and Warranty

This weather station is one of the best-selling stations that you will get in the market. This is due to the high performance rate that it comes with and most importantly, it goes for a very affordable price. So if you are looking for a cheap unit without compromising on quality, then this is the deal that you should go for by all means. It comes with a warranty period of 1 year, which is fairly good enough if you ask me.


It comes as a wireless single unit which therefore means that the installation should be very easy. It is a very affordable unit compared to any other out there so you can purchase one without any struggle. It usually has the forecasting feature which is very rare in such small units.


It does not have a high transmission distance like other devices out there. Signals could be lost in the process of transmission which could cause discrepancies in the data recorded. It has no smartphone or PC connect and the fact that it has no rain detectors and wind speed, you could miss out on important information.


The La Crosse Technology S88907 may not be such a sophisticated device but you will agree with me that its simple but amazing features are very ideal for a home weather station and can help you predict the conditions to expect.