The AcuRite 00589 Pro Color


Did you know that you can actually receive all the weather updates for a specific day from your background? Yes you can, and all you need is the 3 in 1 AcuRite 00589 Pro Color that is well renowned to provide accurate weather forecast for the location that you would like. It gets to use a self-patented calibrating technology of forecasting which makes it very ideal for weather reading. It comes with an easy to ready color display as well as rugged sensory unit. A state of the art weather station of its kind.


This weather station is highly recommended for home use. Considering that it has 3 sensors, it would not be fit for professionals and meteorologists who would need more sophisticated data.  With this handy instrument, you will be able to plan your days really well because you will be able to have the predicted weather forecast with you so that you can adjust accordingly.

Connection and Transmission Distance

This weather station is made to be a wireless station and thus it needs no cable for transmission of the data that has been recorded. For this reason, it does not require any professional mounting that will require a lot of logistics fixing. It usually comes with a ready to mount gear which will be absolutely easy for you. You need to connect it to a power source however for it to run. The sensor will wirelessly transmit the data to the display unit where you will be able to view the recorded data. The maximum transmission distance for this weather station is usually approximately 330ft. This distance is usually dependent actually on whether there are obstructions from the point from where the detectors are and the point of display. It is always therefore very important that you should not mount your detectors so far away from the point of display to ensure that you reduce the room for error.

The sensory unit array of the weather station is usually powered by 4AA alkaline (or lithium) batteries cells. The colored illuminated display screen usually runs on 5.0 V Alternate Current adapter. In the event that backup power is needed, it would require 6 AA alkaline batteries.

Data Offered

This weather station has three basic weather measuring instruments which include a thermometer for the temperature, anemometer for wind speed and the hygrometer which measures relative humidity. This station is designed to have an update frequency of 18 seconds to 1 minute for the different weather variables that are measured by it. It is also very accurate compared to other weather instruments you would get out there. For the temperature it has an accuracy of +/-2% whereas for humidity its accuracy is about +/-3 to +/-5% while that of forecast accuracy is 70% to 75%.

Cost and Warranty

This weather station is to a large extent one of the best devices that you will get in the market for a very fair price. It is quite affordable if you ask me and any person who would want to purchase it should feel free to do so because it is a really great deal bearing in mind the features that this device comes with. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year and you can actually return it prior to 90 days of purchase elapse if at all the device is not working the way that you had actually expected.


This weather unit is quite affordable for any person who would want to purchase it and make use of its great features. The graphical user interface is very easy to use for any person and the unit is also very easy to install. Unlike many other devices, this one gets to provide weather forecast and the fact that it is weather proof makes it very durable and reliable.


It is a wireless weather station which actually means that signals could be lost in the process of transmission due to various obstructions. It also lacks detectors for wind direction and rainfall and so you can get a few of the important updates.  


The AcuRite 00589 Pro Color weather station contains amazing specs that a good any weather unit should have.