Netatmo Weather Station – Ultimate


The Netatmo Weather Station is perhaps one of the most progressive weather stations that have been designed purposely for home use. Not many advanced weather instruments are made for home use like this one in particular and it has proved to be a device in its own class, a true testament of masterclass ingenuity and innovation.

When this weather station was created, the engineers wanted to create something completely different. Owing to the increasing cases of pollution in the recent past, there was a need to create a device that would detect the rate of pollution indoors where pollution is known to be prevalent as a result of human beings breathing out carbon dioxide. It for this reason therefore that this weather station was created to help curb the situation. It comes with an indoor unit for that purpose and an exterior unit for your weather updates.


This Weather Station is designed to have a carbon dioxide detector which gets to measure the degree of pollution levels and gets to notify you of the conditions that are prevailing inside your home so that you can allow fresh air conditions in your house in the event that it is required and ensure that there is room for a conducive environment for living; for you and your entire family at large. It also gets to notify you of the noise rate in your house just in case the decibel levels exceed the recommended point.

The outdoor module on the other hand provides information on the current weather conditions outside your home so that you can be able to know how to plan your day, travel and even the dress code you would decide upon.

The weather station can be linked together with a smartphone which allows you to make analysis of the readings that have been recorded in the past. The analysis made can help you come up with trends which will prove useful when it comes to making weather forecasting and predictions for specific locations. It comes with its own special app which allows you to view graphical presentations of the data recorded.


Just like other weather instruments, this station also comes with a fair share of pros and cons.

It comes in a small size which looks classy and definitely comes with a touch of glamour. They do not take too much space unlike other personal stations which usually occupy a lot of space. The two modules are sleek complement each other and they are by all means very suitable for your home and office. Easy Use: The Netatmo weather station is quite easy and simple to use, with a user-friendly interface. The module can be manually activated and deactivated whenever you desire. You can use it in various ways. To start collecting information, all you need to do is tap the top cover of the device. The weather station will be activated immediately and start sending data to the server.

This weather station is very easy to install. Very few logistics are needed for the installation. The indoor module is usually mounted anywhere you find suitable in your house or office. The outdoor module on the other hand can be mounted at the backyard or just outside your window. No elevation is needed and so it should be easy during the installation.

The weather station is also one strong one and a robust. It is basically designed to last very long and is bound to give you great service when you use it. It is durable and you need not worry of any damages that can occur to it.


The major short coming of this device is that you it cannot be mounted at a place where there is direct sunlight. This is because it lacks the protective shields and thus, your readings can be inaccurate.

Furthermore, the weather station only gets to measure a couple of weather variables such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. So other variables are left out and you get to miss out on important updates.

The device is quite expensive being a personal weather stations compared to other ones with better features.


The device should be a good deal for home use and should offer great service.